The educational curriculum:

1)      Shiur Alef – Rav Michael Hanuna – establishing a deep connection to the Torah world, providing tools and skills for future growth, laying a foundation of faith.

2)      Shiur Bet – Rav Avraham Yitzchak Schwartz – high level study, building abilities in depth and breadth.

3)      Shiur Gimel + Dalet – Rav Itamar Leshem – focusing on in-depth study.

4)      Shiur Hei – Rav Avi Smotrich, Rabbi of Yatir – going deeper and cultivating analytical abilities in Torah studies, refining personal character traits in preparation for marriage and life’s challenges.

5)      A. Halacha Kollel – Rav Shalom Iluz – in-depth Halacha study in accordance with the Chief Rabbinate’s exams program.

B. Student’s program – Rav Yosef Tzeiri – practical Halacha shiurim alongside professional/academic studies.

Rav David Potash delivers a variety of shiurim to the entire Yeshiva, including faith and kabala. He runs special spiritual get-togethers on occasion, and holds deep personal dialogues with all the students.

The curriculum and contents are determined by Rosh Yeshiva Rav Noam Waldman, who is present on a daily basis and has a warm connection with each and every student.